It's a good service but I

It's a good service but I thought they would at least give me a free gift or something for letting them sort out my debt for me

They can only help if you got a mobile

They can only help if you got a mobile to speak on or talk on messenger. I haven’t got credit sometimes and Im on pay as u go so they couldn’t reach me.

I dont have experjence

I dont have experjence

Didn’t really get anywhere

Didn’t really get anywhere. load crap and load of rubbish. Started to yawn on telephone, they do come out with some rubbish promising doing this doing that…..
Didn’t succeed in any route. but the scene to get all the information all the data.. is it my fault, I don’t know. So much pressure feel like ending it all.
End of the day, they don’t care, just want the percentage of the debt, you’re in I say they don’t earn but they earn quite a bit out of it, they put a large percentage on top and then you pay it over the next six years. Which end of the day we don’t mind, because all the debts have gone, they could be honest and say how much percentage do they put on for the cut. Same breed as estate agents really….. so now have reported to the ICO.

I am disappointed poor customer service

I am disappointed with this company because I spoke with them three times for two hours. They spouse to call me two times but didn`t ring me back as they said.
We found out that the first adviser also didn't write down what we told them. The manager adviser called us today, didn't read our file, asking us stupid questions like what we were going do with debs, end of the day, we called this company to advise us, to ask me what. I don`t know why they get paid, as they go really poor customer service .....

Spammers touting for business 😡

This company wrote an email to me replying to an “online debt enquiry”I was suppose to have made. I have never heard of these people until the email dropped in and How dare they lie to get business. I am not in debt, never have been and these chancers make me so mad. Don’t trust them.. as they tout for business.

I was only rude once but now they wont help

I was only rude once but now they wont help. I was just having a bad day and I admitt I swore at them but now they wont help me

Do not give this company your personal data

I came across an advert for this company around 4 years ago offering support for people in debt. At the time my monthly repayments to several debtors were taking up my entire monthly wage and I thought I would make an application to see what help I could get.

Soon after, I had a call from one of their agents (I'm not sure who I spoke to) who told me that my best option was to declare bankruptcy. I was 19 or 20 years old at the time and I really was not in that much trouble that this would be a sensible thing to do, and in the end I declined their help. I continued to receive constant emails, calls and texts which I was just ignoring for a while, however in 2021 I had finally had enough and responded to an email asking them to stop contacting me as I had already declined their 'help' and I was not interested. Things went quiet for a while, however in December 2022 I received an email saying that we hadn't progressed with my application and they wanted to get back in contact to support me. I replied to say that I had asked them to stop contacting me and that they should have removed my details from their system a long time ago, and submitted a Subject Access request for all of my personal data and any records of correspondence they held, as I wanted to prove that they had records stating I didn't want their help and had asked them to stop contacting me. Companies are legally obligated to respond to Subject Access Requests within 30 days, however I didn't even get an acknowledgement of this request.

Over a month later I wrote in to complain and gave them a second opportunity to provide this information before I escalated this to the Information Commissioners Office. To date, I still have not heard a thing, so I have now written to the ICO for them to take whatever action they see fit.

Do not trust this company with any of your personal information, as they do not fulfil their obligations to handle your data safely.


Would’ve been really helpful but the person I connected to, Antonietta was very unhelpful. Was taking hours to reply back & kept asking me the same questions when they eventually replied so I was getting nowhere. I ended up going to Step Change instead who replied straight away. Disappointed especially after seeing all the good reviews.

Service NOT available if you have certain Disabilities

Contacted them on WhatsApp only to find that because I have a disability that prevents me from talking on the phone thevservice was NOT available to me. To my understanding they are in breach of the Equality act 2010. They said they are in process of making it possible yet since the act they have done nothing. Instead I was past over to other agencies that MIGHT be able to help.

I have asked this company to stop…

I have asked this company to stop contacting me because I was not impressed with the advice I was given. It has now been at least 4 months and they are still contacting me. DONT give them your details because they do not follow GDPR guidelines.


Mike gave me bad advice when my financial situation worsened. The worst company you could ever come cross. Awful company to deal with. COWBOYS. DO NOT USE.

lovely people but shame couldn’t help me..

They will help with debts against companies and council tax. But they don’t help with debts against friends who you borrowed money from and cant pay back.

All sales and they don't care about you!

A guy called Kevin was trying to help me where I found him very unprofessional and a typical sales guy who spoke a lot and didn't give me a chance. Before my call was arranged with rhe credit company he told me and I quote "Don't question them and say yes to them, don't complicate anything and if there is any issues, once you've finished the call; call me and we can sort it out!" Now I felt really uncomfortable him telling me to say yes to everything the credit people ask me to!

Today I was arranged to have a telephone meeting with the creditors by Kevin where I did not appreciate nor found it professional him calling me every 5 minutes, when I am at work! He text me I have a meeting at 12, then that should be it.

Kevin did not tell me I would need to close one of my investment apps where the creditor told me clearly I would have to. I called him straight back after I cancelled my application where I didn't give him the chance to speak as it will be all sales tactics.

Really didn't like become debt free service from Kevin. They need to train their staff to be professional and calm and not a typical sales person!

Today 1st March, Kevin's manager Ross called, where again very unprofessional! Ross as a manager told me his staff are trained - well clearly not and I kept telling him I want to withdraw my application where now I'm worried if this company will delete my personal data and leave me alone!

People, before you give your information to this company think twice as they're very unprofessional and hassle you.

They miver u till u go to the secondry company they are olny init for the commison

brian took over my case made it a much better process happy to proceed now nothing is to much with them thanks again

Review changed again don't bother honestly theres no communication with them


Attrocious. Impersonating government helpline the money advice service. Force you to leave a review after first contact. Started emailing me even though I opted out. Then the unsubscribe link in the emails does not work. Underhand shameful company. Avoid.

Not Great

Couldn’t offer any help, spoke to a manager who spoke to me like I was thick, nearly an hour wasted.

Fill you full of rubbish to get you…

Fill you full of rubbish to get you through the IVA, pass you through to a secondary company who’s customer service is terrible and have nothing to do with you after they’ve passed the buck. Push you through the process that quick that creditors you ask to be added on are missed so it’s completely pointless. Clearly only in it for the commission. Reason there’s hardly any bad reviews, make sure you’re prepared to deal with a big mess once you’ve got your IVA because mines been nothing but a nightmare! So much for helping

Bad experience, only do it if you need to!

Think about it if you actually need an IVA before applying. I made the mistake of doing it when I didn't need to. Now stuck with a bad credit file for 6 years. I'm very cross. These guys just want a pay day off you.

I was at work when they called me and stayed on the phone till I gave them 5 stars on here & a good tilte... Keep ringing you when your sleeping in the morning to talk about your claim.

They will consolidate all your out goings and put it into one affordable price a month for 5/6years this service is good however..

I tried to cancel my IVA for months and got told it will take up too 3/6 months for them to cancel my IVA!! I finally got through to the compliants line and they done it straight away!!!!!!!!

Mind you while I was waiting the was still taking money out my account tooo!! And told I was in arrears form the continuous txts message you get.. One star for there services but the rest 0. Turns out I wasn't in arrears either!